Research Projects

Summer 2023 Projects

Analyzing data from patients with pulmonary hypertension (Mette Olufsen & Naomi Chesler)

Mapping wildland fire risk using machine learning (Brian Reich & Margaret Johnson)

Mathematical modeling of liquid metal dynamics (Hangjie Ji & Karen Daniels)

Parameter estimation and analysis for agent-based models in biology  (Kevin Flores)

Sensitivity analysis of optimal control problems (Alen Alexanderian & Joseph Hart)

Future Projects

Adhesion strength between nanoparticles and cancer cells with topological data analysis (Zixuan Cang & Jingjie Hu)

Analysis of remote sensing data to monitor changes in phenology (Erin Schliep & Josh Gray)

Data fusion learning methods for individualized treatment rule (Shu Yang & Wenyu Ye)

Hyperparameter estimation in atmospheric inverse modeling (Arvind SaibabaJulianne Chung, & Scot Miller)

Numerical solutions to ODE/PDEs with applications (Zhillin Li, Juan Ruiz, & Mingchao Cai)

Scanning transmission electron microscopy modeling (Ralph Smith & Kimberly Weems)