Research Projects

Summer 2024

Causal analysis of cell-cell communication with single-cell and spatial omics data (Zixuan Cang and Shu Yang)

Using modeling and data analysis to study congenital vascular disease (Mette Olufsen and Colleen Witzenberg)

VIEWS prediction challenge (Jonathan Williams and Gudmund Hermansen)

Species distribution modeling of North American mammals using data integration (Brian Reich, L Krishna Pacifici, and Roland Kays)

Modeling the dynamics of platelet-like particles under ultrasound stimulation for
wound healing applications
(Mansoor Haider, Ashley Brown, and Marie Muller)

Multi-armed bandit problems for assignment of patients in clinical trials (Andrew Papanicolaou)

Future Projects

Sensitivity analysis of biologically informed neural networks for collective cell migration (Kevin Flores and Jason Haugh)

PK/PD translational modeling for dose selection in clinical trial design (Angelean Hendrix and Mette Olufsen)

Social impacts of cardiovascular disease risk assessed using the NIH-All-of-Us -Data (Stephanie Cook, Mette Olufsen and Brian Carlson)

Bayesian optimization for bladeless turbine computational fluid dynamics simulations (Annie Booth and James Braun)

Inference of global atmospheric states from sparse observations (Mohammad Farazmand and Arvind Saibaba)

Health effects of urban heat islands with changing climate w/personal monitoring devices (Kyle Messier and Brian Reich)