2022 Publications

A. Asch, E. Brady, H. Gallardo, J. Hood, B. Chu, M. Farazmand. Model-assisted deep learning of rare extreme events from partial observations, Chaos, Accepted for Publication, 2022.

Neil Dey, Jing Ding, Jack Ferrell, Carolina Kapper, Maxwell Lovig, Emiliano Planchon, Jonathan P Williams. Conformal prediction for text infilling and part-of-speech prediction, in review. Preprint: arXiv:2111.02592v1 [stat.ML], 2021.

Jose Agudelo, Brooke Dippold, Ian Klein, Alex Kokot, Eric Geiger, Irina Kogan. Euclidean and Affine Curve Reconstruction, arXiv:2201.09929 [math.DG], 2022.